Arron Steven- Owner & Manager, Dodderhill Equestrian

Arron has many years experience of working with and owning horses. Always drawn to problematic and difficult horses, Arron has successfully developed her skill of deep empathy and has a natural instinct for what the horse needs. Able to open up lines of communication and build confidence and relaxation with any horse, whether on the ground or ridden, Arron has been able to turn many ‘problem’ horse around.

By working with the horses at liberty, on line, lunging, long lining and using pole work sessions in a relaxed and calm manner, Arron enables each horse to think about his way of working.

Arron is passionate that Dodderhill Equestrian is welcoming for all, regardless of experience or ability and is dedicated to maintaining the relaxed safe environment for people to come and learn and develop their horsemanship.