Treatment Packages


Vouchers from £30 upwards are now available, they can be put toward any of the clinics held at Dodderhill Equestrian or treatments from Charlotte or Sarah-Jane. CLICK HERE TO ORDER.


  • Assessment of horse by chartered physiotherapist and equine craniosacral therapist including video analysis
  • Physiotherapy assessment of rider, both on and off horse including video analysis
  • Free reiki taster session for rider
  • Physiotherapy treatment session for horse and rider
  • Equine craniosacral therapy treatment for the horse
  • Review of rider (after treatment) on mechanical riding machine
  • Exercise plan put in place for continued work at home (for horse and rider)
  • We are happy to include vaccinations/dental checks/saddler checks/farriery assessments as optional extras, but these must be booked in advance.

This package can be tailored to suit if you have specific requirements. Please contact us to discuss any queries.

This works especially well if we get groups of approximately four people who work/train/keep horses together as you can all get involved throughout. Discounts available for group bookings.

Please note that to get the most out of the MOT, the horse should have approximately 3 days off work afterwards. It is also advisable that they are not booked for an MOT when they have important competitions within the next week.

We are happy to accommodate the horse (for a small extra charge) for the rest days following the initial treatment day if required. Which would be advisable if you are travelling long distances.



To include 2 hours physio and 2 hours craniosacral and full livery plus any exercises required. Anything else will be charged extra.

This would be suitable for anything from laminitic/box rest/pre-beakers/undiagnosed subtle lameness/behavioural issues/pre-season horse only/end of season not quite right and would include a session on the last day to go through everything about the horse and its plan going forward.


TAILOR MADE PACKAGES TO SUIT – Please call for requests